hello, we just wanted to say that this will be our last post on this blog. we have all received messages over the past month asking us to continue with it, but we don’t feel comfortable doing that and it just seems a little too morbid/sad. (i also have no idea what kinds of sick ass things people would expect us to post on here but that’s besides the point.) originally we were just going to leave the blog as a blank page, but we decided to keep it here as is in memory of cory and so people can still look through it if they want to.  

ALSO, we feel a little weird about this, but after considering it for a while, we’ve decided to start a new blog, fuckyeahlea. it feels weird to do it and we obviously still adore cory as much as we always have, so we don’t want to seem like we’re just dismissing him or that we’re in any way over his passing. we’ll continue to love him forever, but we don’t want to keep dwelling in our sadness. and we’re so proud to be fans of lea and we want to continue supporting her, so fuckyeahlea will be dedicated to her and we’ll post news/edits/gifs/interviews etc so we can celebrate the wonderful person that she is :) we just wanted to explain why we’re making that blog so it doesn’t just look like we’re huge assholes.

we’ve loved running this blog dedicated to our two favourite people, and we want to thank everyone so much for following us :)

we love you, cory <3

And look who else is here!